Exchange 2013 ECP Redirects to old Exchange 2010 OWA


I recently setup an Exchange 2013 Server in an Exchange 2010 Environment.

All worked fine, but logging in to https://exchange2013/ecp redirected me to the old Exchange 2010 Interface.



If you have this problem, you can add the Exchange Version to the URL using “?ExchClientVer=15”.

So https://exchange2013/ecp?ExchClientVer=15 will redirect you to the correct Management Interface.


Sidenote: If the Mailbox of the Administrator account resides on the new Exchange 2013 Server this will be obsolete.

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Sure ;-)
I have uninstalled exchange 2013 in test already. Exchange did give many performance-mails.

Also there is still no active situation with Exchange2010 until CU1-update is available for exchange2013.

Hello vedhaupri, have you tried regenerate the ecp virtual directory using powershell?
Try this on your Exchange Server (Using Exchange PowerShell):
Get-EcpVirtualDirectory -> To get the exact name of your ecp directory
Remove-EcpVirtualDirectory “ecp (Default Web Site)” -> To remove the existing ecp directory
New-EcpVirtualDirectory -Identity “ecp (Default Web Site)” -> To generate a new one

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