How To: Enable Software Inventory in SCCM 2012

In order to collect data for hardware and software reports in Asset Intelligence, you must enable the Hardware inventory Agent in the Client Settings Policy (Administration – Client Settings – Default Client Settings / Or whatever Policy you want to use).

Further you will have to enable the required Classes for the Inventory.

To do this:

  1. Go to “Assets and Compliance
  2. Right click the “Asset intelligence” Folder
  3. Click “Edit Inventory Classes
  4. Check the required Classes (see list below) or enable all Classes
  5. Click OK
  6. Wait for the next Policy refresh and Hardware Inventor Cycle of your client computers as you defined in the Client Policies

The following Classes are required for Hard- and Software inventory reports:

  • SMS_SystemConsoleUsage
  • SMS_SystemConsoleUser
  • SMS_InstalledSoftware
  • SMS_AutoStartSoftware
  • SMS_BrowserHelperObject
  • SoftwareLicensingService
  • SoftwareLicensingProduct
  • Win32_USBDevice



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