SCCM 2012: TaskSequence Error 0x80070002

I recently had the problem that every task sequence in System Center Configuration Manager 2012 failed on “Apply Operating System” with Error code 0x80070002:

With all the log files SCCM Provides, you would think you’ll find the actual problem in one of them, but no luck. Turned out I simply forgot to configure the Network access Account in the Software Distribution Component.

To configure this, open the SCCM 2012 Management Console and go to:

  • Administration – Site Configuration – Sites
  • Click on the Site Server
  • In the Ribbon, click “Configure Site Components” and chose Software Distribution


  • Click “Network Access Account” and click “Set”
  • If you have not yet created an account for this do so, otherwise chose your Existing Network Access Account


Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for pointing me to this solution. I am using SCCM 2007 but it was the same problem, now I feel dumb for not recognizing it but I sure wasted a bunch of hours on this problem until you gave me this hint.


Hi All,

while Deploying the package i got the following error “Error: Exit Code: -2147023436”.
What does this error code relates to?


I have the same error as you describe, but your hint doesn’t work for me, i have always this error. Here is a part of my smsts.log :

Have you got any idea on my problem ?
Thanks a lot


Hi Mate,

Thanks a lot for your insight.
i had the problem and just tried for the few last hours to sort it out and… your were the one !!

Thanks a lot !

Cheers :)

Thank you so much for posting this, it was remarkably ease to miss this step during SCCM setup, you have saved my sanity (ish)!

We have SCCM 2012 SP1 as well as the network access account specified like above. Same error persists. Any other suggestion?


NTFS permission : Remove all ntfs permission on the Sources folder then clickon ok and apply.
Then click on ADD, add everyone and click apply, on the SCCM server go to software distribution clear the network access permission and re-add the administrator, verify the test share click on ok. TEST os deployment again

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