Convert BMP to JPG Command Line Tool (Free)

A small and free command line utility that converts a single .bmp file or a directory containing multiple .bmp files into jpg’s.

Requires .Net Framework 2.0 or later.

UPDATE! Sorry, the previous download File was corrupted. Please download this zip file now.


  BMP2JPG.exe (8.0 KiB, 32,927 hits)

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It’s incredible that some people are bored enough to start attacking by trying to use massive hit counts on download content. :) I uploaded the original exe file again

Hello Robert

Can you send me the name and description (maybe URL?) of your application? I guess you’re working for a small company, correct?


Hi Tom,

I want to use this excellent tool in a script in our business for providing info on log on screen at Windows 7.
How is this tool licensed?

Best regards

omg!! I f*cking love this!! Perfect for my Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and The Elder Scrolls series

just put the .exe in the game dir and make a .bat like this:

@echo off
bmp2jpg . “%USERPROFILE%\Pictures\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Screenshots\”
del *.bmp

works flawlessly and 100% automatic! Love this!!

I like this app you developed ! ( BMP2JPG ) Very usefull.

One question If I may. Can it be used Globally over a drive or a folder and all its sub directories. If so would you offer the Syntax
of the command line ?


Hello Gene

Thanks for the comment. unfortunately no, but you can actually easily use a simple for-loop in a command prompt to do so, for example:

for /f %i in (‘dir C:\ /A:D /S /B’) do bmp2jpg.exe “%i” C:\AllMyPictures

This would parse all subfolders of C:\ and convert all found BMP files to C:\AllMyPictures
Let me know if you need any help.

Greetings, Tom

Hello Joel

Sure, no Problem. As long as you do not work for a Company called Fossil or intend to redistribute the code I am ok with that ;).

Greetings, Tom

It’s great!
But,when it converts a Bmp over the size 10000*10000 and over 300M by a PC with 3G Memory,It fails. Can you improve it to handle big BMP file?


In command line difficult to write folder adresses.
Because I have too much folder and bmp files in this folders.
I put bmp2jpg.exe and cmd.exe in a folder. First I launched cmd.exe.
Now, I m in the folder in command line.
When I wrote bmp2jpg or bmp2jpg *.* , I expect that convert all bmp files to jpg in same folder.

Is is possible to do this?

Or When I select for example 15 bmp files and drag to bmp2jpg.exe (whitout open a command line)they can be converted in the same folder.

Hi Ali

You can copy the BMP2JPG.exe into your Windows or Windows\System32 directory and simply go to start, run and type “CMD”.

You can run this command to convert all BMP’s found in a Folder and its Sub-directories to C:\AllMyPictures:
for /f %i in (‘dir C:\PathToMyBMPPictures /A:D /S /B’) do bmp2jpg.exe “%I” C:\MyNewJPEGPictures

If you DON’t want the Subdirectories included run this command (Replace with your Paths):
BMP2JPG.exe “C:\PathToMyBMPPictures” “C:\MyNewJPEGPictures”

Drag and Drop is not supported. This was intended to be a command line utility only.

Hope this helps


Every time i click on the bat file i want the output filename to be random, even if the input filename is the same. How to do that?

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