Delete Print Driver in Windows 7

Ever wondered where this little fella went in Windows 7? The Print Server Properties Dialog…

printui.exe - Print Server Properties

Well, if you’ve noticed that updating a connected network printer’s driver would not update on your client until you completely delete the driver package locally, like it was the case in good old Win XP, you were probably on the lookout for it.

Just enter printui.exe /s in the command prompt or Start menu!

Without the parameter you get a help dialog with all the other nice features it supports…

Strangely enough this tool can’t be found with it’s friendly name in Control Panel, nor Start Menu search. Seems like MS want’s to get rid of it. Because what you do find (well only via Start Menu, not Control Panel – again strange)  is the new “Print Management” Console where you get server-like control of all printing concerns.

Update: Seems like there still is a friendly way to get to this Dialog, it’s just a bit hidden so I only found out now! In the Devices and Printers Control Panel select one of your existing printers and voila, a Print server properties button appears in the window bar above…

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