How To: Windows 8 Start To Desktop

I really like Windows 8. It’s superfast and very stable and brings many new cool features. One thing Microsoft was maybe not so much worried seems to be the 95% of users that upgrade to Windows 8 on a non-Tablet / Touch enabled computer.

Over time I realized, I always pin my most used Programs to the Taskbar, since I do not like switching from Desktop to the new Windows 8 Desktop all the time.

In order to make Windows 8 “boot” directly to the normal Desktop and thus skip the new Start Menu, you can use a little trick. Actually 3 different tricks :)

Method #1 (Manual)

Place the Desktop Tile as the first Tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen. When loaded, all you have to do is hit Enter and the Desktop will appear:


Method #2 (Slow)

Using this method, it will take a couple of seconds for the Desktop to appear.

Copy the lines below in a new Text File (To open a new Text File, hit Windows and type “notepad“, then hit Enter

When done, save the file as “Desktop.scf” and save it to the Startup location here (You can copy / paste the below to the save as dialog):

C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Desktop.scf

Attention: Make sure you choose “All Files” as the File Type in the Notepad Save As Dialog


Method #3 (State of the Art ;))

Save the above file in your Windows Directory instead of the Startup Directory (Save as: C:\Windows\Desktop.scf)

Create a new scheduled Task by hitting “Windows + R” and typing taskschd.msc


In the Actions Pane click “Create basic Task

taskschdCreateBasicTaskThen Create the Task as follows

Name the Task “Start To Desktop” (example) and click “Next


Set a trigger to launch the task “When I log on” and click “Next


Set the Action to “Start a Program” and click “Next


Browse to your saved Desktop.scf file (C:\Windows\Desktop.scf) and click “Next


Click “Finish” to save the Task


Restart your computer to see if it works.. the Desktop should appear instantly now


Hope this helps!


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